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Crushing Details (The Ugar Sugar Works Ltd)
S.No Particulars 2019-20 2020-21 2021-22 2022-23 2023-24
1 Cane crushed-Lac MT 14.02 19.47 23.09 19.58 17.07
2 Sugar Production:
Lac (Qtls)
15.21 22.67 26.32 11.81 11.61
3 Recovery - % 10.76 11.56 11.55 11.60 11.05
Cane / R & D Department

The Ugar Sugar Works Limited has a separate Research & Development Department recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, New Delhi in 1978.
The emphasis of agricultural R and D is understandably on sugarcane. The main objective of the Research and Development wing is to make a continuous effort to identify more dual purpose sugarcane varieties with high sucrose, high yielding potential and reasonably high fibre content. COM-88121 and Co-85019 are getting good acceptance by the cultivators. Co-7508 shows a good promise in saline soils. Co-95020 is the suitable variety for the Co-generation plant.

CoC-671 variety dominated other varieties for more than one and half decades. The R & D Section can rightly claim the credit for the introduction of the CoC-671 variety in Northern Karnataka as also some areas of the adjoining state of Maharashtra. Co-86032 and Co-94012 are also high yielding and high sucrose sugarcane varieties introduced recently. Co-89014 & Co-88025 are in the pipeline.

Ugar's R & D department won the prestigious S.V.Parthasarathy Award eight times in nine years since its inception in 1985 for very effective R & D work in the agriculture of sugarcane. Recently it was also awarded by SISSTA, Chennai on 13th August, 2005.

We are launching a massive programme of soil amelioration and popularization of green manuring crops like Dhiancha (Sesbania aculata) and Sunnhemp (crotolaria juncea) and ploughing them in the soil while still green.

The work with Wheat, Soybean and Sunflower is reasonably successful as a rotation of crop and useful indications are likely to be obtained this year. Experiments on wheat under the guidance of CIMMYT (South America), ICARDA (Middle East), Agarkar Institute Pune (MACS), U.A.S. Dharwad and ICAR, New Delhi are laid on a big scale & the stand of crop is excellent. Vinayak (DWR-162) wheat variety identified by our R & D Wing is not only popular in this part of country but in Indonesia, it is also released as 'Devata' and has spread like wild fire. Our work on wheat has been internationally acknowledged.

His excellency, the President of India, A.P.J.Abdul Kalam in his speech. mentioned the raising Jatropha curcas (Raton Jyot) cultivation as one of the "Ten Immediate Missions" for achieving the goals of rural development, apart from producing Bio-diesel.
Hence about 15000 seedlings have been planted by The Ugar Sugar Works Ltd as a source of Bio-diesel.

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