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Ugar Sugar has always strived to innovate the sugar manufacturing process as much as possible in the recent times.
Some recent developments to adopt the technology,modernizations and automations include :

Centralized lubrication system on the mills for smoothly lubricating the machinery parts in order to avoid manual/ human errors and to reduce the oil consumption & wear & tear of the parts.

Auto speed regulation of the mill rollers on the last and penultimate mill for operating as per the bagasse blanket intake and to reduce the moisture.

Auto cane feeding system before the mills.

Planetary drives in place of conventional worm and worm reduction drives to crystallizer, pug mills, mixers for in-house power saving and trouble free operations.

Highly efficient graders in place of conventional graders for the efficient grading of sugar.

Three-stage weighing machines for bagging in place of the two stage conventional weighing machine is started, in order to maintain a very high level of accuracy in the weighment of sugar bags.
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