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Ugar currently has two distilleries in our premises at Ugar Khurd. The first one is an old distillery of capacity 30,000 LPD , while the second one is a newly constructed distillery from Praj Industries, Pune having a capacity of 45,000 LPD. The Praj distillery runs on the continuous fermentation technology. The whole unit of distillation process is having material of construction in copper, which gives a very good quality of spirit. This plant is having a high level of computerisation and automation.

Continuous Fermentation Process:
Currently Ugar’s distilleries are running at a capacity of 75000 Kilo Liters per day.
We have adopted the continuous fermentation system called “Hiferm GR” which consists of three main fermenters where in the alcoholic fermentation takes place. When the alcoholic concentration reaches the desired concentration level in the third fermenter, the fermentation ceases in the same fermenter. The wash contains 7.5 to 8% of alcohol. It is then taken for distillation from the fermentation system, which is incorporated with the molasses weighing system, molasses broth mixer and air blower. It is also incorporated with yeast vessels of capacities 0.130 m3, 0.692 m3 and 4.452 m3. The vessels are used to propagate special type of yeast strain. During the process, required doses of nutrients and oxygen are supplied through the filtered air. The temperature is maintained by circulation through the plate type heat exchanger.

When the desired number of yeast cells per unit are developed, the whole biomass is transferred to main fermenter, where alcoholic fermentation takes place. No. 1 fermenter is connected to continuous molasses diluter where in proper dilution takes place and it is being continuously fed to fermenter No. 1 The overflow of fermenter No. 1 is taken to fermenter No. 2 and the overflow of fermenter No. 2 is taken to fermenter No. 3 where almost all the fermentable sugars are exhausted and fermentation reaction is ceased. This wash is ready for distillation. Thus the fermented wash from fermenter NO. 3 is continuously taken to a continuous steam distillation unit called with a trade name as “ECOFINE-P”.

We have adopted & realtered 30,000 Litres continuous fermentation by removing the old batch type Fermentation Process. The Technology adopted continuous Fermentation (Ugar High Yield Fermentation Technology) The Specialty of Fermentation is continuous and final alcohol percentage in the process is 8.5% to 9.5% high yield. The fermentation foam is separated by a mechanical process.

Distillation Process :

The distillation process consists of an Analyser column 1695-mm dia, a Degassifying column 1250-mm dia, Aldehyde column 560 mm dia, Rectifying column 1085 mm dia, and exhaust column 1085 mm dia with proper number of trays. It is also incorporated with Beer heater, principal condenser and vent condenser of capacity 25.4 mm O.D for affecting partial condensation and maintaining the reflux ratio for enrichment of alcoholic liquid to 95% v/v. The distillation process is a conventional continuous one.

The fermented wash containing 7 to 8% of alcohol from continuous fermentation process is fed continuously at the top of analyzer column and the steam is continuously injected at the bottom of the same column, and hence there will be very good contact between the vapours and liquid at each trays of the analyzer column resulting in the enrichment of alcoholic vapours which are fed to the rectifying column. The Aldehyde column serves to separate aldehydes which are separately stored. The rectifying column consists of 44 Nos. of trays which are responsible to enrich the alcoholic liquid (ethyl alcohol) to 95% V/V by way of reflux and partial condensation from Beer heater and condensers. Exhaust column is meant to exhaust traces of alcohol from the spent lease. Ethyl alcohol of 95% V/V accumulates at the top of the rectifying column which is continuously tapped and passed through cooler, tester and stored.

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