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Sugar Cane Planting: Three Distinct Periods
1) July – August Adsali
2) October – November Savasali / Pre-seasonal / Autumn
3) January – March Eksali / Suru
Sugar Cane Varietal Groups

There are three main groups of varieties.
1) Early maturing varieties :- Early maturing varieties attain 16% sucrose and 85% purity at 10 months under normal planting. They are ready for harvest at 10 to 11 months e.g. CoC-671, Co-88025, Co-94012, Co-89014.
2) Midlate maturing varieties :- Midlate maturing varieties or mid-late varieties attain 18% sucrose and 85% purity at 12 months e.g. Co-8021, Co-86032, Co-8014, Co-85019.
3) Late maturing varieties :- Late maturing varieties or ‘late’ varieties attain 16% sucrose and 85% purity at the age of 14 months. E.g. Co-8011, CoM-88121.
4) Short duration varieties :- These varieties mature in about 8 months. These are considered important for multiple cropping to improve cane and sugar yields per unit area and time. These varieties can be planted with the onset of monsoon rains in June-July and harvested after eight months in February, March before summer drought sets in. Due to their short vegetative growth phase their yield is lower. Therefore, they have not become popular among the farming communities. E.g. Co-8338, Co-8341.

Sugarcane Quality Parameters :

Juice Brix, Pol or sucrose and purity are important sugarcane quality parameters.

1) Juice Brix : Juice Brix refers to the total solids content present in the juice expressed in percentage. Brix includes sugars as well as non-sugars. If HF values are ranging above 20o brix , then usually the cutting orders are issued.

2) Juice sucrose percent : Juice sucrose percent is the actual cane sugar present in the juice. Sucrose percent and pol percent for all practical purposes are synonyms.

3) Purity coefficient : Purity refers to the percentage of sucrose in the total solids in the juice. A cane crop is considered fit for harvest if it had attained a minimum of 16% sucrose with 85% purity.
4) Reducing Sugar : It refers to the percentage of other sugars such as fructose, glucose etc. in the juice. A lower ‘reducing sugar’ value indicates that much of the sugars have been converted into sucrose.

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